For the love of art.

Immerse yourself in the creativity and explore the depths of the artistic world.


Art Series Hotels, Australia

The Art Series Hotels are a small chain of boutique hotels in Australia, currently found in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. Inspired by Australian contemporary artists, each hotel takes a design inspiration from a particular artist, creating a truly extraordinary experience. The hotels comes complete with dedicated art channels, art libraries, art utensils, with original artwork and prints as decor throughout the building.

First opened in 2009, the aim of the Art Series Hotels was to create high-class hotels that showcased contemporary art from some of the finest artisans in Australia. The first to open was The Cullen, Melbourne, and it became clear that the art was centre stage, rather than the accommodation itself. Curator Jane O’Neill once stated that “The art is the springboard for all other decisions.” Artist Adam Cullen died in 2012, and since then the hotel has been a tribute to his work.



Le Collatéral, Arles, France

“People like being in a piece of art and yet, at the same time, feel that everything is very natural and comfortable, that it is easy to be inspired and to live.”

Created in a former church, Le Collatéral, is a four bedroom masterpiece with sweeping scenic views over the rooftops of Arles, boasting a creative sanctuary filled with art and design.

With bare concrete and brick, metal and wooden staircases, and geometric-shaped furniture and features, designers Philippe and Anne-Laurence Schiepan, transformed the structure into a hybrid space that frequently hosts exhibitions, workshops, and art programs. The space is open, yet intimate, encouraging the sharing of perspectives and and immersing guests in the world of art.

Le Collatéral is filled with installations by American artistm such as Reeve Schumacher and Erick Helaine, including digital art, photos, and drawings. The rooms, meanwhile, are filled with furniture exclusively designed for the hotel in a modern-craft style. Bathrooms feature massive oak and Japanese-style tubs.


21C Museum Hotels, United States

The 21C Museum Hotel is a multi-venue museum paired with boutique hotels, spread across the United States with locations in Cincinnati, Bentonville, Durham, Lexington and Oklahoma City. This unique accommodation offers the chance immerse yourself in global culture and local communities, showcasing an array of artworks from 21st century talents.

Complete with curated rotation exhibitions, installations and cultural programming, the 21C Museum hotels also offer an upscale dining experience; each hotel restaurant has a dedicated chef, offering its own distinct cuisine and food specialities, while supporting regional farmers and producers, and genuine hospitality.



The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Shanghai, China

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel concept is all about the artists and their work. From dancers, musicians, photographers and filmmakers, to writers, painters, conceptual artists and more; guests are invited to stay in one of the 18 workshops and apartments at the hotel for a period of three to six months. Artists from around the world gather to experience a unique cultural environment dedicated to contemporary art in the extraordinary city of Shanghai.

The focus of the residency is on creative exchange, encouraging the guests to engage with one another and to create! At the end of their stays, the participants are asked to leave a “trace” of their choice, making their presence known throughout the hotel.


Mona Pavilions, Hobart

The famous Mona Museum, located in Hobart, Tasmania, offering luxury dens on the River Derwent, inspired by influential Australian artists and architects with featured artwork from the Mona Collection.

A serene riverside setting meets ultra-contemporary pavilions, the Mona boasts eight unique pavilions, each with a design of their own. Intimate yet modern, each of these pavilions is named after an Australian artist or architect, and feature original works of art, as well as unique antiquities and a collection of ancient artifacts.

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