In a world that is consumed by material possessions, we are fascinated by minimalism and the idea of living with less. One concept, in particular, that stands out for us are ‘micro homes’. What has become a revolutionary movement in housing development, architects are transitioning towards these tiny dwellings as an environmentally friendly solution to quality and affordable living.

In this piece, we have decided to focus on ‘THE SHED Project‘ by Lowe Guardians, in which they have teamed up with Studio Bark to create temporary affordable housing for young professionals inside empty properties, such as warehouses and office blocks.


This innovative design can be built in a single day; constructed from affordable, low-impact materials with a mixture of Oriented Strand Board (OSB), lamb’s wool insulation and a small amount of recycled polyester.


Although these models were originally created for fast-paced, transient professionals and creatives seeking short-term accommodation, it could become a vital movement in alleviating homelessness, the refugee crisis and revolutionizing the way we live.


Meet Marc, a 30 year old graphic designer from London, who was the first occupant of THE SHED Project.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 2.08.25 pm.png

“At first glance, I thought the Shed was unorthodox and awkward, hovering in the middle of an enormous space. I felt like it was still suffering from the hangover of its press launch night. It took two visits to convince myself that it was viable, and once it was set into a corner squared up to the room, it clicked into place architecturally. It suddenly became clear to me how sprawling out the edges into the surrounding space was the way to make this place magic.”

The SHED Project

This movie is part of Dezeen x MINI Living Initiative, a year-long collaboration exploring how architecture and design can contribute to a brighter urban future.

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